One of my big secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is research, research, research!  I am constantly (and I mean like every hour) checking my fav health & wellness websites, blogs, twitter feeds and magazine reads. 

Each week I will feature the latest health news & trends.  I learn so much just by reading what other people are doing in their daily lives!  Plus, its fun to try new things.


#GiulianaRancic in general.  I'm obsessed with her at the moment. Check out her website, Fab Fit Fun, on Green Juicing + so many other fabulous tips.

#Zumba is a new favorite of mine.  My friend Melanie has been raving about so I finally went to try it with my girl Allison here in Denver.  I-was-shakin'-it my friends. I mean I felt sexy & relaxed the whole time.  Total mood-booster!  I couldn't believe I was burning 500+ calories.
 DO IT.  
If anything, do it for the new dance moves you will store in your back pocket.

#Bethenny Frankel.  I want to be her in so many ways.  I love what she stands for and I am a huge fan of all her products.  Nothing better than having my white wine feel guilt-free!  Bookmark her website and check out all her new skinnygirl cocktails.  The white is really refreshing and the pina colada is perfect for summer!

#VeggiesInDisguise.  I love this trick.  I use it on my hubbie-to-be a, but it's really meant for kids (hmm, I see a connection).
Real Simple features some great recipes on disguising veggies.  Go for it, Moms & Nannies!

#TCHO-A-DAY dark chocolates.  Perfect Mother's Day gift :) What woman doesn't need a daily dose of dark chocolate?!  Lord knows I do...


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