"Supermodel" Monday: Erin Williams

Today I am introducing you to one of my new favorite people, Erin Williams, owner of Barre3 Denver. 
Erin and her hubbie, Malcolm
 Erin is a mother of 3 beautiful girls and wants them to see her as a strong, healthy woman.  She is such an inspiring and fun-loving lady and I am thrilled to be working with her at Barre3!  If you have not checked out Barre3, you NEED to.

 Tell us about your new fitness studio, Barre3 and what you love about it!
Barre3 is an amazing 60 minute workout designed to lengthen and tone every part of your body. Our class works to straighten and stretch all the muscles in the body to work in perfect balance. The focus is on building a strong upright spine and core so that when you leave the studio every day you are standing taller, stronger, and leaner. Who doesn't need that, right?
You are so busy with 3 kids, a hubbie & a new business - how are managing? 
A lot of wine! Just kidding. I am doing what I love and because of that my husband has been my strongest support system. Both of us see the value in having 3 little girls see their mom accomplish something. In addition, it is something that resonates with how I want to bring these girls up- to be strong and confident woman who love their bodies for its strength and grace!

What's your trick to staying active/healthy throughout the week and weekends? 
Consistency! Make exercise part of your life. Period. Find something you love and do it - regularly. And look at exercise as something you will do forever- not just a certain time frame. Then spend time doing some kind of activity which your family. It breaks up the routine, provides fun family time, and teaches kid to value physical activity as well.
My weekend goal- no cell phones or computers. With technology everywhere it is so easy to spend "family time" on your computer shooting off emails and little kids start to notice.  Healthy family means talking together, not typing or texting!
Do you have a favorite healthy recipe? 
 Anything homemade that involves cooking with as few cans or bottles as possible!  Here is a great make-ahead recipe from the Barre3 Summer Challenge

What do you eat to stay energized?
 Love the bulk aisle of whole foods! It is my happy place! I eat handfuls of nuts all day long! Kombuchas are second!
 Biggest guilty pleasure?  
Only because the price adds up: Le Cruz sparkling water. I could drink a whole case in one day. Ice cold out of the fridge.
Frozen yogurt! Straight sugar, but when you need something sweet it hits the spot!
Real dessert at restaurants!
And finally, what's your best healthy secret?! 
I use coconut oil as lotion, eat a lot of avocado, and try to laugh with my kids whenever I can. I try to say "I love you" out loud to them when I find my voice getting tense or irritated with them. Once those words come out of my mouth, my whole body starts to relax.

Thanks for sharing your story and all of your great tips, Erin! 



  1. That Quinoa and sweet potato casserole sounds delicious! Thanks Meggie. The accidental creeping continues...

    1. It is delish! I made it last night :)