"Supermodel" Monday: Casi Carey

Casi Carey
FitGirl, Mommy & a true Inspiration
Casi with her Hubbie, Tom, & their beautiful daughter, Kennedy

Q: Tell us a bit about who Casi Carey is...
I am a full time mommy and full time health enthusiast!  It all started after college when I decided I was unhappy with the way my body felt/looked. So I started changing up my lifestyle.  Over time I lost 50 pounds!! I was so excited, felt great, and then got pregnant!  Gained every bit back.  But I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl!  
Casi with her adorable little one, Kennedy :)
I lost all the weight again and am now passionate about sharing health and wellness with others!! I am starting a business that helps others reach their fitness and health goals!  I also started a blog, FitGirl and a FitGirl Facebook page where I post new recipes, fitness must haves, fit quotes, etc.  I also teach define (barre method) and am starting to teach yoga too!  

Q: What is your ultimate heath goal?
My goal is to inspire all women/girls alike to want to live a fit life and to know that it is possible!  I want to be a one stop shop for reaching their fitness and health goals....and helping them dream bigger the they ever imagined!
Casi is an educator at Lululemon Athletica

Q: Do you have a favorite healthy recipe to share?
I have two favorites :).  Sweet potato chips. They are really easy. Just preheat the oven to 475, thinly cut sweet potatoes and place on cooking sheet with small amount of extra virgin olive oil in a single layer. Bake for 10 minutes or until desired crispiness!! Kids think they're just like potato chips!  And adults can enjoy them too...I love them with ketchup! 
My second favorite recipe is raw brownies!  It's 5 simple ingredients: dates, pecans, raw cocoa, salt and honey or agave nectar. Start by placing the nuts in a food processor until ground. Add raw cocoa and salt. Then, with the food processor on, add one date at a time through the top and then the honey.  Press into baking pan, put in fridge for about 30 minutes and enjoy!! Add a strawberry or peanut butter on top for added taste. 
Cannot wait to try these healthy raw brownie treats!

Q: What does your ideal healthy weekend look like?

Anything outside with the kiddos.  I love going to the gym as a family and enjoying the pool after to relax. 

Does traveling count too?? I love going to new cities and trying out their best workout!! It keeps life fun and sweating exciting! 

Casi, Tom & Kennedy with some running buddies after a weekend race!

Q: Ok, we need to know your best healthy secret!
Always look for new recipes and find new ways to make your favorite foods healthy!!  You don't have to deprive yourself :)

Also, I personally stay away from as much processed foods as I can!  If the ingredient list is more then 5, put it back.  And if you can't read an ingredient, you shouldn't put it in your body!

Q:  Best Mommy advice for staying in shape?
Make it FUN!! Try all kinds of ways to sweat and see which one you actually enjoy!  Do that. You will find its much easier to get yourself to workout if you actually like what you're doing.  And take time for yourself to workout. You deserve it. If mommy is fit and happy, the rest of the family will be too!  
Love the cycling outfits!  Hot Mama :)

Q: Who is your Healthy "Supermodel"?
To be honest, I don't have a health super model. My goal is to be that super model mommy to Kennedy!  I want her to see me fit, healthy and happy and want the same for her!  I want to be that person to all mommies/women so they too know FIT is possible for anyone and you don't have to be a super model to be fit!
Nice form, Casi!

Thanks for sharing, Casi!  Now everyone go check out my new favorite FitGirl right this minute ;)


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