"Supermodel" Monday: Jocelyn Steiber

Happy Monday, my friends!  I apologize for the late posts... I just moved into a new home and the internet is not set up.  SO not ideal for a blogger.

Anyway, I am pumped because today I have an amazing healthy "supermodel" to share with you.  Let me introduce you to Miss Jocelyn Steiber, creator of Peace Love Nutrition, New York-er, and founder & CEO Jost Social Media. Her story is one to be shared and I am excited for you to get to know this new friend of mine!

Q: Jocelyn Steiber in a nutshell
Someone whose passion in life is to help spread information about health and wellness and thereby motivate others to take care of their bodies and lead more fulfilling lives.

Q: Living in NYC, what are some ways you stay active in the city?
NYC is a playground for the health conscious. First off- I walk everywhere! Second- NYC made me fall in love with Yoga.  My favorite studio is Yoga to the People in the East Village (this place has been my savior!)   I recently got into bike riding- there’s nothing better then riding up the West Side Highway (beautiful views!) 

 I also love trying out new classes with friends.  I recently tried Barry’s Boot Camp (kicked my butt) but great workout!  Next on my list is Zumba & pilates.

Q:  Being a dancer and having to be a certain size can be tough on a girl's emotional health.  How did you overcome the pressure to be thin?
This was a tough one for me and the motivation behind my blog.  When I was dancing I was a good 15 pounds lighter than I am right now.  I was spending 6 hours a day dancing and living off nothing.  I realized how bad this was when I got to college and was determined to change my life around.  I stopped dancing and re-taught myself how to love food and use it as fuel instead of as an emotion.  Yoga has taught me to love and feel fortunate for the body I have.

Q:You do a series called "Product Review."  What are some of your favorite new health products?  I love the new Barre Bars I recently tried.  They are made by 2 dancers and with real foods.
 I also couldn’t live without my Vitamix
 And I’m a big fan of Carol Alt's skin care line Raw Essentials- her face lotion is made with clean ingredients and great for people with sensitive skin.

Q: Do you have a favorite recipe to share?
I’m not a big chef - I call myself an assembler.  I assemble salads, yogurt parfaits, summer rolls, etc.

Q:  Best advice for an 'afternoon" pick-me-up?
Well, in general, if you eat a healthy lunch - and don't mix protein and starch!  - you shouldn't need one.

But if you do, a handful of sprouted almonds or an apple should do the trick.

I also like to take quick walks or afternoon dance parties (to 1 song usually by yourself) are always fun and a good pick me up- get the body moving!

Q: Biggest health secret?
Exercise (or move your body) every single day, even if only 20 minutes.

If you feel yourself getting sick, take some oregano oil. My favorite brand is called Quantum Herbal. Powerful stuff.

Thanks for inspiring us this Monday, Jocelyn!  Great tips and advice for everyone.



  1. I loved this post! And I've been loving Jocelyn for quite some time now :) She is so inspirational! I love that recipe she shared! Luckily, I have some kale on hand right now ;)

    1. Did you make the salad?! How was it?

  2. Thats my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of her.

    1. HA! Well your sister is officially a "supermodel" for all those healthy-living people out there :) You should be proud.

    2. That's my daughter!!!!!! I am also proud of her. I have been blessed with two great children!

    3. Oh my Goodness! The family love is awesome! Congrats on raising some great kids :)