Summer Soiree Solutions: Pack a Picnic

I can remember, even when I was just 3 years old, being allowed to run up to the "kiddie window" of our club's 'snack shack' and order candy, ice cream, french fries etc. as I pleased (love you Mom).  I mean, I enjoyed every minute of it, but let's be real - how gross?!  I seriously remember ordering 3 Reeses cup packs, an ice cream sandwich (the best) and french fries in one day!  Ew.  I'm sure I was a real treat that afternoon...

Problem: Pool Food/Snack Shack
Solution: Pack a Picnic

Every kid loves a good picnic - Why not have one at the pool?  The only other option is for them to ask you for money to buy some greasy food at the snack bar.  Grab a fun blanket and make it an exciting activity.  Here are some good ideas for packed picnics at the pool.  Adults can enjoy it too!
How cute?  The kiddos will be so excited to eat their fun-shaped sandis and will forget about the french fries (we hope).
Do the same thing with fruit.  I mean, I would even want to eat this more as a cute little heart.

Well, this is just too fun.  When snack time comes knockin' at your lounge chair, make them play a game for their snacks!  Hide pretzels, raisins, orange slices, fruits, nuts etc. in little easter eggs and make them work for the snack ;)  No one will even think about the sour patch kids...

A good blanket is KEY.  It's more exciting and inviting when you have a cozy, colorful blanket. 
 I love these...

Have a pool in your backyard instead (lucky)?  Here are some fun pool side snacks - get creative!



  1. Picnics are the best! They bring back such great childhood memories : )

  2. I agree! Much more fun then standing in line for a greasy meal in a bathing suit ;) Thanks for the comment and love the blog!