Hi I'm Meggie and I'm Addicted to...


Yes, I can admit it.  It's a true addiction.  The kind of addiction that I can't stand to go a day without.  The kind that can determine my mood for day (yikes).  Let's just say, you know it's really bad when you get jealous seeing other people running while you're in your car...

 All you runners out there, you know what I am talking about. 
The runner's high is a real-life, natural high and I believe it's the best way to start your day.  Some days I dread it, and some days I can't wait for that run.  It's a total love/hate relationship, but in the end, when you've finished another run, nothing feels more exhilarating (to me at least - I am the one with the addiction people)!

So in honor of my addiction, I am going to share with you the current things I am loving and the things I am hating about running.  I hope you will join in and share your love/hates because Lord know, it can be a roller coaster of emotions!
Finished with a 1/2 marathon in Cincinnati

  • My current playing titled "Wedding Ready" featuring 
Fun, "Some Nights"
Nikki Minaj Ft. Chris Brown, "Right by my Side"
Katy Perry, "Wide Awake"
Lumineers, "Ho Hey"
  •  My new location that's closer to City Park.  Awesome view of pond, city and mountains!
  •  My post workout fuel - Bolthouse Farms "Green Goodness" smoothie
  • How my Barre3 workouts have made me a better runner 

  • My not-very-new running shorts.  I really need some new running gear!  Any good suggestions?
  • THE ALTITUDE.  I mean, it's just mean how much harder it is to run out here in Denver.
  • The stretching after running - I realllllly do not like that part for some reason.
Any tips on fixing what I am "desting" about running??

A special shout-out to my hubbie-to-be for putting up with my addiction and supporting me all the way xo
After our first 1/2 Marathon we did in honor of my amazing Aunt Deb :)


  1. I wish I liked running! I'm addicted to Yoga- at least we both had good addictions : )

    I'm taking at Barre3 class in NYC next week!

    1. YOU ARE??! You will love it! I think the owner, Sadie, will be in town - you should ask to meet her. Let me know how you like it. xo