Healthy in an Airport?

Don't you feel like it's kind of impossible?  I like to think I can have some great will power, but I just give in when I'm in an airport, especially when I'm traveling with Peter.  
Looks like some great, healthy options, huh??

Point in case
We sat down to a good dinner since our flight was later.  I was hungry and looking for a balanced meal.   You know, salad with some protein, or a healthy sandwich?  WELL, when looking over the menu I was rethinking that decision.  Let's just say their balanced healthy meals are not cheap!  $15 for a salad?  I just wasn't feeling that.  SO, Peter and I decided to split something - and that's when I knew I was going to have to give in a little - he was not about to order the salmon in an airport, ha!

The fact that I was starving did not help - fries sounded REALLY good right about then.  That's what I get for forgetting to eat a good meal all day (I was running around like a wild woman)! OR I should have packed some Larabars, an apple or had my smoothie with me - but I forgot... Life happens!

SO my advice to you is pack a snack and make sure you are full before you enter the fast-food-filled airport!

FYI my blogging may be sparatic as I am jet setting off to yet another wedding!  Stay tuned though for some fun things happening :)


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