Summer Soiree Solutions

I have THE world's greatest friends, like this one, Miss Teddy Muto.  She's a diamond in the rough and is always helping out her friends any way she can.  This week she's helping me out big time.  

I have been a tad bit busy traveling (as we prob all are) and hit a few bumps in the blogging world.  Thanks to my gal, Teds, I already have a post drafted up from last week to cash out for my friends @The Healthy Classroom.  Thanks girrrl :)

Summer has officially kicked off, so I'm am kickin' off my summer series called...

"Summer Soiree Solutions"
(once again, shout out to Teds for planting the seed on this one)

It's itsy-bitsy-yellow-polka-dot-bikini season, ladies, so I am throwing out my best secrets so you can survive the temptations of these summer siorees & feel even better at then next one!

I will also have tips for my Mamas who feel like their children are high off sweets 95% of the summer from birthdays, long pool days & vacations.  

SO, without further ado, here is your first "Summer Soiree Solution!"


My game plan is to pick two appetizers at a party; 1 that is satisfying, like this

And 1 that is light, contains a veggie or fruit, or has few calories like these.
Have 1-2 bites of the cheesy, yummy app to satisfy your craving. You can have more of the lighter app that fills you up faster, so you won't feel hungry for any more apps.  Pick a good one that that has some fiber to fill you up.
It works like a charm. 

Here are some more fast tips for holding your own against that attack of the apps!

DIPS:  ALWAYS use the veggies on the plate for dips.  
If they don't have any, use the dip as your 1 satisfying app choice (see above).
Use pretzels.  
They are baked and contain fewer calories than chips.

If you're chatting it up at a party, chances are you are not stuffing your face with apps :)  Enjoy talking with everyone and worry about your conversations instead of the food 

Use the Plates.   
Grab the smallest plate and fill it with your "you pick 2" choices (obviously with more of the lighter, healthier app) and be done.  Don't go back for seconds.  Just savor that plate and let yourself fill up so you won't want any more food.

Sometimes a little self-control can go a long way...



  1. Love this - great idea! P.S. I have been making Green Monsters for breakfast all week - they are amazing!!! :)


  2. Send me recipes please!!!!! Obsessed with this blog and the new summer solutions!