#NowTrending: Wedding Edition

In honor of one of my best friend's wedding weekend, Miss Hillary Kelly (soon to be Mrs. Weidner) of Make Statements, I'm showin' you some of my favorite ways to to feel healthy and happy for wedding season! 

#BarreClasses will totally give you award-winning toned arms for the big day!  Who cares about the rest right?  The arms count this season.  Everyone can benefit since most likely you'll be stuck in fancy-shamncy dresses all spring and summer!  Quick - run, don't walk - and sign up for a class near you!

#KehilsProducts are miracle workers.  I swear by them, like pinky promise. We all need fresh, healthy looking skin for the big days, and I love me a good skin care product.  I recommend ALL of the Rare Earth products & the Calendula Toner.  Game changers for your pores!

#EatNo starving yourself, crash dieting or only drinking D.C.!  Eat tons of fruit. Cherries are so, so delicious right now.  Oh, and peaches too!  Remember, being healthy is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  Start now and feel better faster :)

More to come...


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