Yep.  This happened last night.  And it was perfect.
Being home, I have so many old time Cincinnati favorites that I simply cannot resist! 
Example 1, Zip's & their infamous Zip Burger.  I'm convinced there is not a better burger out there.

So here's the deal.  I have an 80/20 rule when it comes to healthy eating.  80% of the time I am a darn good healthy eater.  The other 20% I completely indulge in whatever I want. 
Life is too short not to devour a juicy, cheesey burger & fries, GUILT FREE.

So, my advice, when you are clebrating, back in your hometown, out for a fun night with friends, GO for it!  Order that burger, ice cream cone, french fries AND ENJOY IT. 
Just get back on on track the next day.  That way the craving is satisfied and you won't over indulge next time.

(And I plan on hitting up these two Cincy spots as well)



  1. I couldn't agree more, Smegs :) SO jealous you had a Zip burger without me! Keep up the great blogging!!

  2. Thanks COURT!!! I won't have another one without you girl ;) See you soon?!

  3. I know you'll be indulging at Hil's wedding reception in some good old HPCC style chicken fingers and fries :) get after it, make sneak a few back to CO for me??? hehe Enjoy Cincy!!