#NowTrending: Wedding Edition II

And the wedding weekend continues with the Bridesmaid Luncheon & Rehearsal Dinner!

Here are some of my favorite "skinny" recipes I would make, or take, to a
bridal shower/luncheon/last "fling before the ring"deal.

#SkinnyCoconutCupcakes are light&airy little bites that replace oil and eggs with applesauce & coconut milk. 
So pretty. The white coconut shavings on top totally make this peice of heaven wedding-worthy. Top with candy in the bride's wedding colors, and just like that,
you are a genius :)

#ChampagneCocktail with mint & lemon sorbet.  I mean, maybe not the healthiest, but it is a celebration!  At least it's sorbet?  Indulging is key to remaining healthy - 80/20 rule.
How amazing would this taste at an outdoor wedding event?!

#CapreseSaladBites are perfection.  They just scream, "serve me at an outdoor wedding!"  We are definitely having a version of this at our wedding.  Easy, light & the perfect bite to hold you over until dinner.


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