Strawberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Yesterday I made an AMAZING smoothie - my Momma even loved it and she's a tough one to please when it comes to my healthy cookin'

I've been wanting to add protein powder in my smoothies for a while now.  I was a little nervous at how it would taste.  Turns out I had nothing to worry about - it adds great flavor!  Plus, I like knowing that I'm getting extra protein for my muscles.  Gotta have some toned arms in your wedding dress, right ladies?

I used tera'swhey protein powder from Whole Foods.  "Bourban Vanilla" was delish.

I made this after a run to fuel myself back up for some more final wedding detail planning.  It wasn't the prettiest color, so my solution  is put it in a really pretty cup!  

1 cup Frozen strawberries
1/2 of an apple
1 over-ripe bananna
1/4- 1/3 cup Non-fat greek yogurt
1/4 cup Vanilla almond milk
1 scoop vanilla bourban protein powder
1 handful of spinach
1 packet of a natural sweetener*

*I would have used agave, but Mom/Dad don't carry that in the "Rohde Grocery"

Dump. Blend. Enjoy.

This recipe looks really great too!  Oh and this one...  I may just have picked up a new healthy product obsession...



  1. Meg's!! I'm running my first half marathon in September... Would love some advice/tips for training -- or even your favorite playlist??

    1. Tach! I am so sorry for the late response! I PROMISE to send a good email to ya tomorrow :) XO