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We all look this good when we sleep, right??

NOT.  It's more like this...

Here's the deal, I truly sleep like a baby.  I really do not have much issues with sleep, (thank goodness) but I know a great amount of people who do.  I want to deidcate this one to all of those who can't get their proper shut eye.  I'll share ways I prepare for sleepy-time and ideas the experts dish about too.

Why get proper Shut-Eye?
In my opinion, sleep and rest is the best vitamin you can take - no pill for this one!  The benefits of sleep are far greater than any pill or vitamin out there. 
Adequate sleep will reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease, reduce your stress levels, help control your weight and improve your memory. Most importantly, sleep gives your body a chance to repair its own cells, effectively restoring and reviving you from the inside out.

What Meg Does
 Morning Run
I swear by this.  Yes it's bright and early, but when I get my run in I am ready for bed by 8:00pm.  I know, sounds like an old Grandma, but to each his/her own!
Try it, or go for a walk, do some yoga, go to the gym - whatever you fancy - just do it in the morn!
Eat a Balanced Dinner
My favorite meal of the day is dinner.  I like to eat a ton of veggies (steamed) with feta and quinoa for some protein.  We also love our cheese and crackers after work too (I try to eat that in moderation though)! 
Having dinner as my biggest, healthiest meal of the day slows me down a bit and satisfies me without all the fat that can make you groggy/less sleepy/unsatisfied.
Tea Time
I drink decaffinated tea when I am desperate.  If I have not slept well, or feel stressed I drink tea in bed.  There's something about a warm, calming drink that calms me down.
I like these brands
Yogi Tea: Rest & Relaxation
The Republic of Tea (a little more pricey)

Think Positive
This sounds elementary, but it works.  When I am restless I close my eyes and think of all the positive reasons why sleep is good!  I think of all I have to do the next day and promise myself that if I sleep well, I will do better things - better run, better blog post, better fiance, better skin... the list goes on.  Who doesn't want to be better??

What do the Experts Say?
Power Down
The room where you sleep should be a tech-free zone. Even if they don't wake you up, deep sleep can be inhibited by the stimulating dings, buzzes and glowing lights of all your gadgets. When it's time for bed, leave laptops and cell phones charging in the next room.
Create a Routine
A calming routine performed each night will signal your body to slow down and prepare itself for rest. Whether it's reading a book, listening to a few mellow songs or writing in a journal, make it a habit to devote the period of time just before sleep to an activity that makes you feel relaxed.
Be One with the Mat
Just a few restorative yoga poses can put you in the perfect frame of mind for restful slumber. Roll out your mat next to your bed and start with a lengthy child's pose. Hang in a forward fold and spend some time in bridge pose before sealing it all in and closing your eyes in savasana. Then climb into bed, carrying that feeling of peace with you.

Still Not Helping?
Do you have a thyroid disease?
Check out this article and see your doctor!

My Final Thought
"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated"
Whatever that means for you, do it.


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